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Why are we dedicated to building
elite firefighting support vehicles?

As a local family business, Allquip has always been an active member of our community, and we’ve had the honour of working repeatedly with organisations such as the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) and Rapid Relief Team (RRT). Through our volunteer work, we have become directly involved with our local fire services and gained a greater appreciation of the work they do. Understanding that access to water is a vital need for these emergency services, we expanded our industry specialisation to include firefighter support vehicles.

After more than 20 years’ specialising in custom-built water trucks, we believe that our experience makes us uniquely capable of designing and manufacturing fire specific water tankers. Our Allquip Fire division is dedicated to adapting our product range to meet the specifications of the fire industry, and we will continue to take an innovative approach to our water cartage solutions, providing premium quality, heavy-duty, reliable equipment for emergency fire services.

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